All of you is welcome here at Whole Self Counselling. I am here as a guide to help you light the way through your current struggle, into a place of trust within yourself. Each of us experience challenge in our lives - you don't have to find your way in isolation. I believe in you. In your innate goodness and ability to heal yourself, and to access your fullest self. Together we can discover how and why you are experiencing your struggle, and what the path through is. With my intuitive, individualized and sensitive approach, we will use a variety of tools from modalities such as: experiential therapy, family systems work, positive psychology, neurofeedback, Brainspotting, and the Safe and Sound Protocol to help you get to where you want to be. Research has shown the the most important and effective factor in success and lasting change with therapy is the therapeutic relationship itself. The feedback that I've been given is that I am a very safe, accepting person to share all aspects of self with - the parts that are loved and the parts that bring shame. I welcome all of you.

Things I Can Do

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